Atlant ICO- Real Estate Block Chain


Real estate is an industry which has been in the market for a long time. It is the dream of everyone to buy and sell a property and make money out of it. The real estate business is still up and running, and people from all over the world make investments in the real estate markets.

Real Estate Block Chain

Another thing which has recently become quite popular and exciting is the rise in the markets of cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are a form of a coin which you need to first purchase with your currencies through various sites which sell you crypto coins and then you can use them for your various personal and business transactions. With the use of crypto coins, there is no need of a third party which takes off your money as fees and transaction charges. The cryptocurrencies use blockchains to make the purchase. These blockchains have lots of records which are continuously increasing. These records are called as blocks. The algorithm utilized in the blockchains are based on cryptography which links and securely keep the records. The algorithm works in such a way that if once a transaction makes it cannot get reversed. The block is very resistant to the change in data and is not maintained by any one company or organization. It is managed by multiple people all across the globe, and they help in the transactions of these bitcoins and get some profit out of that.

Atlant platform:

The Atlant platform is based on the blockchain technology and is building a platform for the real estate industry. Like digital coins, the cryptocurrencies real estate markets have a lot of data and transaction are to be maintained securely. Atlant is the first platform which has taken steps to keep such a record for real estate industry. Renault believes that real estate is a market which needs more secure transactions and they believe that basing the Atlant platform on blockchain can accelerate the sharing of the economy.

Atlant is using crypto financing which are initial coin offerings to grow their platform and increase their capital. The blockchain of Atlant will be tamper-proof, and properties can get parcelled without any costs or transaction fee; this feature enables secure transaction and also safe operations.

The Atlant ICO went live on 7th of September, and the starting price was one Eutherium.  You also get a first time bonus of 19%. So if you are interested, then you need to buy tokens. These symbols represent the individual shares in the real estate assets.


There are many advantages of using a blockchain based platform for the Real estate; you get a price which is easily searchable and is very transparent. The token you buy is always divisible irrelevant of your portfolio. The fees charged are nearly negligible when compared to the typical real estate markets. The Atlant has already raised up to 1.5 million dollars with the presales, and there are sales which keep coming since the ICO is live now.